Frequently Asked Questions

1) What technology is used?
Oil, acrylic, watercolor and Blandingsteknikker.
2) I have a photograph that I would like to have painted, is this possible?

Yes.If you want me to paint one of your photos, please send me the photo on mail or by post. Price agreed in advance.
3) How do I order a painting that is in the gallery?
You can call me at 916 42829, or submit your quote from «buy photo» on the venstre.
4) How many copies there are of each design?
Number from 1 to 20 Some are only one of the (original only)
5) What are the copies printed on?
They numbered plots on canvas or paper, made ​​by a professional company in cooperation with me. Fargeektheten garanteres
6) What does the paintings cost?

Price set on the basis of the size you want in the picture, if it is an original or print, how many eventual printed up, and if you want, with or without frame.