Understanding color

UNDERSTANDING COLOR, Part 1 Theory and Practice
Introduction to Color understanding i.e.
how to implement these techniques in your paintings:
• Mixing colors, what happens and why.
• How to mix exactly the color you want using only the three primary colors. We stock 30 different colors (Very useful
if you are a painter on the road, to save space in your bag, also economic saving).
• How to create different hues and color harmonies
• How to implement color understanding in your images to provide
– A harmonic whole
– Obtain point of interest
– Harmony of colors in the image
– Depth of field
UNDERSTANDING COLOR , Volume 2 Theory and Practice
Continuation of course 1 – definitely much new and a useful tool!
• How the light source affects the colors in your image
• What determines the tone of the shadows in your image
• Choice of color, color harmonies , tools to use
• palette, how to build the
• How to organize your painting
A workbook for exercises and notes on these courses is included. We aim to paint at least two images, where we will
apply what we have learned.
Course fee : NOK 800, – Friday to Sunday including workbook
Welcome to the course ,  March 28. to 30. 2014
Register to Anne Rødal
Or tel (+47) 916 428 29